Latest Spigot Minecraft Server Download

Where To Get The Latest Spigot Minecraft Server Download

Here’s how to get the latest spigot minecraft server download.  Spigot is an awesome minecraft server mod that allows one to use fun and exciting plugins to add all sorts of in-game perks, commands, items, mobs and more.   A spigot installation guide is provided at: .  The spigot download page is located at:

The download page will always stay up to date and current with the latest spigot minecraft server download.  If you are installing spigot on your personal computer or MAC OS X then the installation page provides instructions on how to get it operating in a fairly smooth and efficient manner.

If you find the spigot minecraft server download instructions a bit complex, then here’s a tutorial for Windows computers:

First you should download Notepad++ which is one of the the best free editors for GIT: .

Next, you should download and install GIT for Windows from: .

As you install GIT, there will be a window asking you which editor you would like to use as the default editor.  I highly recommend you select Notepad++ as your default, it’s one of the greatest editors around.

There will be some other windows pop up as you install GIT.  Just ignore these windows, the default selections are fine for what you will be using GIT for.

Just keep hitting next until you reach the final screen of the installation process.

The final screen will now give you the option to install the program.  Click the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete.

Once it has completed, you will see the window that shows the setup is complete.  Simply uncheck the “View release Notes” box and click the finish button.  Git has now been successfully installed on your computer!

Once you have GIT installed, you should create a new folder (on your desktop for easier access) and name it Spigot Build Tools

Next, open Notepad++ and add this line of code to the blank text document that opens.  Once you have added the line with a proper path to Java on your computer, then save the document as a text file named update.txt.

"<java bin path>\java.exe" -jar BuildTools.jar

The file should be saved in the “Spigot Build Tools” folder.

The <java bin path> should be the path to your java.exe file that is located on your personal computer.   This path is typically C:\Program Files\Java\ .  Then there should be a folder that begins with jre followed by the java version.  Inside that folder should be a folder called bin, the bin folder is where your Java.exe should be located.

If you can’t locate your java folder, then contact me via my discord server (click the discord banner below).  Ssomeone on the server can probably help guide you with finding it’s location.

If you have never played minecraft, then you may not have JAVA installed on your computer yet.  If not, you can download it from:

Once you have saved the update.txt file, then you should rename it to

Next, you will need to download the latest Buildtools.jar from

Save this file in your “Spigot Build Tools” folder, then double click on the file to run the BuildTools.jar file.

A black window will open, this is window that shows the building of the tools that you have executed, leave it up and running as the build works.  This may take a few minutes (around 5 or so) based on the speed of your computer.  The window will automatically close once the build has been completed.

Once completed, open the Spigot Build Tools folder.  In it you will find a spigot .jar file.  It will also have the spigot version numbers with it, you can rename it to spigot.jar to simplify things a bit.

Copy the spigot.jar file and paste the copy of the jar file into the Bukkit folder.

Next, you will want to create another text file and paste the following code in it:

java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar spigot.jar

Save the text file as

Start Server.bat

Be sure to save the .bat file in the same folder that you have copied your Spigot.jar to.

Now, double click the Start Server.bat file to start your server.  This will generate your server files.  You will get an error saying that you have not agreed to the EULA as well.  When this error pops up, click any key to close the server window, then look in the Bukkit folder where you have placed your Spigot.jar file, and you will see a EULA.txt document.

In it there is a link to Mojangs (the company that owns Minecraft) EULA (End User License Agreement) in regard to operating your server.  Visit that link, read the EULA, then go back to the text document and set the line that says eula:false to eula:true and save the change (where true shows you agree to follow Minecrafts EULA in regards to your server).

Double click the Server Start.bat file again to start your server, then wait patiently as your new server prepares to launch.  It will start all of the processes and build your world, so that you can now play multiplayer minecraft on your own personal computer.

The window will show the server as “Done” once it has completed the startup process.

You do NOT want to close this window.  This is your server console that shows actions in game, and is the window you can use to execute commands as admin.  Just minimize the window, and let it run, as you launch your Minecraft game.

Once your server has completed the startup, you can access your server by using localhost as your server IP.

If you want to make it accessible for friends and family, you will need your Computers IP number.  If you do not know what your IP is, you can contact your ISP and get it from them.

Running a Spigot server makes it not only possible for you and your friends to play on your server, at no cost to you, but it also makes it easy to test out cool plugins that you may want to use, to add more fun to your fabulous new server!

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