Spawn area in The Land of Zolth

Enjoy An Epic Minecraft Adventure In The Land Of Zolth!

The Land Of Zolth provides an epic minecraft adventure that is not typically found on a minecraft server! If you are desiring a truly RPG experience in a voxel based land, then you MUST become a Citizen of Zolth!

You will not find the typical Minecraft grind here. Zolth is a survival based game where you will have to fight to survive, but, you can also complete quests to advance yourself in the kingdom.

Spawn Area in The Land Of Zolth


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What You Will Discover When You First Join The Land Of Zolth

When you first join Zolth you will find yourself in an amazing Spawn area.  There you can interact with some of the local NPCs. The first thing you will see will be a very detailed welcome message. It provides commands for you to use to enjoy some of the features provided on the server.  It also provides the server the website address (  That is where you can where you can obtain more information about The Land Of Zolth.

The Zolth website provides community forums, online chat and a link to the Zolth discord server.

Introducing Arther

To the left of the spawn point, you will find Arther.

When you right click on Arther, he will open a menu.  The menu shows various things that you’ll need to know to enjoy your time in The Land Of Zolth to it’s fullest.

And don’t worry, if you ever need to summon Arther, all you will need to do is type the /menu command.  This will opening his GUI interface  as if by magic!

From warps to staff to player stats, Arther is very helpful with sharing all sorts of useful information with players.

Arther is truly one of the most helpful NPCs in the land!


To the left of Arther stands Rolant.  Rolant provides a very wonderful shop where you can buy books of enchantment.

Everyone knows how desirable these books are.  Many people fish for these books, try to trap villagers so they can trade for these books, beg / borrow / and fight for these books!  Especially the most desirable ones like mending and silktouch!

Rolant is there to sell you books, so that you can increase your chances of obtaining the books you desire when you first join.  Once you have some trading villagers, then you may not find Rolant useful, but until then, he’s there if you need him!

Please Note: BUYERS beware!! His products are expensive!! They are randomly choosen by Rolant.  You have NO GUARANTEE that you’ll get the book you desire!


Foulk is the local shop keeper.  He stands to the left of Rolant.  He and rolant are best friends with common interests and goals.

Foulk provides a shop where players can purchase all sorts of cool commands / perks / cosmetics / additional claim blocks and even backpack upgrades!

Foulk also gives new players a chest that provides a shop where players can purchase over 180 more cosmetics, perks, baloons, pets, the ability to morph!  All sorts of fun and exciting in-game features including a DJ that plays real music, and a trampoline!

When you being playing in The Land Of Zolth, be sure to right click the chest Foulk has placed in your inventory, that is where the real fun begins when it comes to trails, cosmetics and more!

To the right of Faoulk, a short distance from the spawn point, are Jurdi (Casino) and Mauger (Bounty Hunter). They are both sly fellows.  Be warned, if you interact with them, you may lose money or even your head! When you join The Land Of Zolth, walk over to them and notice the looks they give each other. Jurdi looks very upset with Mauger, maybe Mauger won a very large bet? Yet Mauger is looking at Jurdi with absolute horrifying hostility! Maybe he caught Jurdi cheating??!!??

These two look as if they want to battle to the fullest, yet they dare not do this. They know that Arther would then ban them from the Spawn (where PVP is absolutely forbidden).  They dare not venture out into the land or the Great Zolth Dragon may consume them!


Jurdi provides a means where players can gamble if they want to chance increasing their in-game currency. He states that players have a 40% chance of winning GREAT wins.  This is of course if they will simply come gamble with him.

Jurdi can not be trusted of course.  Although Arther does his best to make sure that Jurdi does not cheat, it is rumored that on some days, the chances of winning are absolutely zero!

When Arther finds out that Jurdi has been cheating, he of course makes Jurdi give a 100% chance of winning twice as many days as he was caught cheating. This means if Jurdi cheats for 3 days, Arther makes him give 100% chance for 6 days.

Arther does this to try and keep jurdi honest with his gambling, yet Jurdi still sometimes likes to cheat just to see if he can get away with it.


Mauger is the local bounty man.  He allows players to set a bounty on other players heads, then, whenever another player kills the targeted player, they can visit him to claim the bounty reward.

There are several races on the server, so of course there are sometimes battles and wars that cannot be won by a single player alone.  Players who have been wronged and who do not have a team, can visit Mauger and set the bounty on the player that wronged them.

Mauger is very expensive, yet he certainly ensures that when a bounty is due to be paid, he pays it in full!

He provides a new level of PVP that can become very fiesty!  Don’t worry tho, The Land Of Zolth is a server where inventory items do not drop, so no inventory is lost when a player dies.  Mauger ensures this with his word of honor, he understands how hard it is to get great gear!

To the left of Arther is another NPC Tybaut the banker.  There is also the portal that transports you from the spawn into the wilderness in The Land Of Zolth.  The golden path will lead you to the wilderness.


Tybaut is the banker that players can visit to withdraw EXP, money, to access their EChest (ender chest) and access their backpack.

And as Arther can magically have his GUI menu appear whenever a player issues the /menu command, Tybaut offers the same courtesy when players issue the /bank command.

Tybaut is especially useful when a player has no ender chests to set down when they want to hide or access their most precious valuables, diamonds and resources!

The backpack is also useful, and can be upgraded easily at Arthers shops!


The portal to the wilderness is the beautiful well located beside Tybaut.  To access the wilderness, you simply jump into the well, and begin your adventures!

This about sums it up for the Spawn area in the Land of Zolth.  I hope that you decide to join the server and begin your epic adventure towards taming the mighty Zolth!  He is the ruler of the land, and once tamed, you will become one of the mightiest warriors of them all!

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