farming valley minecraft modpack

Farming Valley Minecraft Modpack Provides A Fun And Wonderful Farming Experience!

The farming valley minecraft modpack provides so much fun and giggles, that it literally turns single-player minecraft into a game where it seems as if you have tons of friends and helpers!   When you begin playing farming valley, you are given fun quests to complete.  As as you work towards completing them, you build a farm that has NPCs in the game that actually build for you.  The NPCs will also sell to you & buy from you.  It’s such fun to progress in the game that you literally do not feel as if you are playing by yourself!

This modpack was created by Kehaan.  It consists of over 70 different mods to provide a farming experience that is not only fun, but one that is also very relaxing and soothing.

Screenshot Of Game That Makes Up The Farming Valley Minecraft Modpack


Table of Contents

Here’s A Few Mods That Are In The Farming Valley Minecraft Modpack

Quick Leaf Decay ~ This mod speeds up leaf decay.  It helps clear leaves when harvesting trees.  This is a handy mod to have when you are farming for not just wood, but also drops like apples and saplings.  It makes the game go a little bit faster for the player!

Simple Achievements ~ This mod provides a book full of achievements that the player can work towards accomplishing!  From summoning the Harvest Goddess to hiring helpers.  This book provided in the game makes a great guide!

Aquaculture 2 ~ If you love to fish, then this mod will make minecraft fishing that much more fun for you!  It adds a whole slew of new fish to the game. Each fish comes with it’s own unique recipes YUM!  There’s also new loot, so you may even luck up and hang a treasure chest or Neptune’s Bounty!

Exotic Birds ~ New birds, eggs, birdnests and cages!  Fish are not the only new things that are provided with farming Valley.   From roadrunners to Flamingos, you’ll find the beautiful variety of birds and absolute delight!

This Mod Is So Much Fun!

Googly Eyes ~ This mod gives googly eyes to the mobs in minecraft, including the zombies!  This adds a hilarious feature to the game that you just have see for yourself.  Nothing will bring a giggle faster than to hear a zombie coming up from behind, only to turn around and see these crazy eyes staring back at you.  They truly are googly and are so much fun to watch, you will forget that you must run or fight!  You’ll be so busy laughing that the zombie truly will have an unfair advantage!

Harvest Festival ~ This mod provides a “Harvest Moon” style atmosphere.  It has more crops (that actually need to be cared for), animals that also need tending and even 4 seasons!   This gives your minecraft play a real world feel.  This is truly a pleasure to experience (can you tell that I absolutely LOVE this modpack???!!)

Inventory Pets ~ These pets live in your inventory and give amazing extras.  They give better drops, buffs, defenses and even weapons in exchange for your care and attention.  Everyone loves pets, and now you’ll have a friend that you can carry with you wherever you like in your Farming Valley world!

Mystical Agriculture ~ This mods provides resource crops for an absolutely insane amount of resources!  From gems and redstone arsenal to armor and tools.  It adds so many extras, that you may never learn all there is to know about every added material!

This is farming valley in a nutshell!  Do you want to try it? Head on over to twitch (click here for instructions on how to install mods using Twitch) and download the Farming Valley Minecraft Modpack.

You can play single player, or multiplayer.

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