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Ten Of The Best Spigot Plugins To Install On Your Minecraft Server

DSome of the best spigot plugins can be downloaded completely free for your enjoyment!  I absolutely love SpigotMC and the wide array of plugins that one can find on the SpigotMC website. One can add all sorts of fun, exciting and amazing features to a minecraft server.  Especially when they operate a spigot server.

I have tried and tested literally hundreds of the plugins provided at  I would like to share with you, the best spigot plugins that I have found to be my favorites!

These ten are recommended by me as a player, not as a server operator. Plugins like World Edit, PEX and other “admin” related plugins are not ranked here.  Simply because most players never even know those plugins exist in the background! Instead, I am ranking the plugins I LOVE as a PLAYER, simply because they are so much darn fun!

Here’s The Ten Best Spigot Plugins That I Recommend Most

Number 10 This One Is Fun!: Custom Jumppads (FREE)

OK, my number ten plugin is so silly that some may wonder why I even bother mentioning it.  It causes me to laugh a lot and keeps the giggles flowing! Nothing makes me laugh more than entering a new server, walking around the spawn (usually in utter confusion), and suddenly finding myself flying through the air because I accidentally stepped on a jumppad!

I will literally entertain myself in the spawn, sometimes for HOURS, by just stepping on the jumppads. I do this so that I can fling myself into the air & into trees.  Yet, BOY is it fun if I can find a jumppad that will sling me into a wall SPLAT!!!!

Seriously, if you want to test some jumpads, you should try the LoverFella server (Server IP:  They have some slime jumppads that will LITERALLY fling you into a massive wall!

Number 9 To Help Protect Your Builds: GriefPrevention (FREE)

Nothing makes a player more upset than when they build a magnificent creation, only to have it later destroyed.  Usually by some petulant brat who thinks it’s all fun and games to destroy other peoples work (they are called griefers).

Grief prevention allows players to “claim” land (using a tool, typically a golden shovel). When they claim a piece of minecraft property on the server, then other players can not destroy it.

This protects builds and chests.  It also sometimes even makes it where other players can not go inside a players home (some servers allow entry, some do not).

There are also many servers which allow players to earn more claim blocks.  The more you play, the more you earn, so that you can claim more land!

If a server does not offer some kind of grief prevention, I will not bother building anything on it. I see it as a waste of my time.

I do have one server I enjoy playing on that does NOT have grief prevention.  It’s not a free server and the community and moderators on this server are awesome.  So there are no worries about griefers as the owner / operator / admins have many tools in tact to prevent (or repair) griefer damage.

One of the best servers online, that provides grief prevention, is The Land Of Zolth  (Server IP:  Not only will you find grief prevention features in place there, but you will also find that you can build epic kingdoms.  Your kingdoms can have all sorts of other fun grief / battle protections in place!  Including catapults, arrow traps and more!

Number 8 Of The Best Spigot Plugins Is: SilkSpawners (FREE)

I love to build exp (experience) farms.  Especially when I locate a spawner in a cool location that makes building the exp farm easier for me. I particularly love skeleton spawners.  Simply because they drop bones that I can use to create bonemeal for growing my plants and trees. Sometimes I will locate a spawner that is so far from my base, that it’s deemed “useless” because I simply will not bother AFKing so far from my base.

That is where silk spawners comes in handy! Servers that utilize this plugin, provide a way where players can mine the spawners (using silkspawn enchantment on a pickax).  This way players can then move the spawner to a more suitable location (like near their base YAY!).

Number 7 To Make The Game More Enjoyable: Mobs To Eggs (FREE )

Some mobs do not have spawners (think VILLAGERS) and some servers do not have silk spawners installed.  If a server has “Mobs to Eggs” installed, then I am going to have a ton of fun! Mobs to eggs allows players to throw eggs at mobs, so that they “mob” can be captured into a spawn egg. Players can then carry the spawn egg around in their inventory, and used after it has been relocated.

One, who does NOT love throwing minecraft eggs around? Have you ever done that? On a server? NO????? Well then you SHOULD! It is so funny when you throw and egg and a baby chicken hatches! The sound alone will bring a chuckle!!!

If the server has mobs to eggs installed, then imagine the fun you can have with it!

You can capture villagers and relocate them easily to your base, without fussing with minecarts and boats. You can make a mob zoo, with each hostile mob set in a cage that keeps the zoo safe for other players.

OR imagine this! Having a stack of creeper mob eggs, and letting them all go at once and then running as fast as you can! See if you can outrun the creepers, now THAT is fun to do with a 100% GAURANTEED death rate!

Number 6 For Making NPCs & Virtual Friends: Citizens (FREE & PAID)

Citizens is a wonderful plugin that a server operator can use to create lots of fun interaction with NPCs for it’s player base. Quests, talking cows, wondering chickens that follow a funny path. All of these (and more!) can be done with this unique plugin!

As a player, it really makes playing on a server more enjoyable if there is an NPC with a GUI menu that is easy to use (click-n-go), than it is trying to learn a ton of server commands just so one can enjoy the play.

I rank this one as one of the best spigot plugins, simply because it provides fun interaction for your players in a way that helps improve server fun and adventures.

Number 5 If You Love Slots You Are Going To Love: Crazy Crates (FREE)

I have never been to Vegas, and never plan to visit, simply because I LOVE games that involve slot machines! I would be so broke and develop a gambling habit quicker than a llama can spit! Yet I do love playing slots. The thrill of waiting to see what you’ll get, only to groan when you get crap (or NOTHING), only to try again because you are determined to win something GOOD! yes, that’s me, I admit it! I have been known to throw my mouse down on my desk when it comes to frustrations while playing a slots game!

This is why I love crazy crates so much!! I am ADDICTED to crazy crates! I sometimes play on my own server, where I am the admin, where I can give myself unlimited keys when I run out, just so I can see what I will win! It does not matter that as admin, I can give myself as much of anything as I want as far as minecraft items is concerned, simply by going into creative mode. No, that’s not the point, it’s the anxious waiting to SEE if I win that sends shivers!!

Yeah, crazy crates is one of my most fave plugins of all time!

Number 4 Of The Best Spigot Plugins Is: Head Database (PAID)

I love to build in minecraft, and I absolutely LOVE to decorate! The basic vanilla minecraft can be a bit boring when it comes to options for decorating ones home, farm or base. The head database solves this problem, by providing over 20,000 decorative heads that one can use to decorate with!

Food, books, mob heads, aliens, dishes….you can find it in the database, which is VERY easy to search! Servers that offer this feature, provide something that players will enjoy in so many different ways that it’s absolutely amazing!

Number 3 The Most Beautiful Spigot Plugin: Exotic Garden (FREE)

The Busy Biscuit’s Slimefun 4 Bukkit Plugin Exotic Garden is released on yet it works flawlessly with spigot servers. It provides a means where a sever operator can provide all sorts of fun and fabulous foods for players to enjoy. You can harvest, plant, farm and cook these foods just like regular minecraft food! It opens up more possibilities for players who enjoy the farming aspect of minecraft!

More information about the plugin can be found at:

The latest build can be downloaded from

Why not see for yourself, The Land Of Zolth (Server IP: is a fabulous server that uses this plugin, log in, wonder around, see the beautiful plants and trees that spawn throughout the server!

Number 2 The Most Fun Spigot Plugin: ProCosmetics (PAID)

This plugin provides so many fun and cool perks (185!!!) for players to enjoy.  It’s an absolutely brilliant work of art (in my personal opinion).   From banners and balloons to arrow effects and player trails!  Pets, mobs and morphs galore!!  The number of awesome perks provided by this plugin is too massive to list here, why not visit the plugins page and see for yourself the fabulous options it provides!

My favorite is the trampoline, I LOVE generating the trampoline!  It bounces a player so far into the sky that it will quite literally make you dizzy if you are not careful!

I would rank this as number one of the best spigot plugins, but the next plugin is one that just can’t be beat if the server admin has mastered configuring it!

Number 1 The Most Advanced Plugin: Elite Mobs (FREE)

My number one choice for the absolute best plugin imaginable, is Elite Mobs.  Elite Mobs provides a means to create your own mighty mobs, bosses and custom items.  The programmer who has created this awesome plugin is MagmaGuy.  MagmaGuy also provides Free Elite Mobs dungeons that are absolutely full of fabulous Minecraft fun!

The Elite Mobs plugin is free at the current time of writing this post.  The adventurer’s guild (a world that corelates with the plugin) is also free.  There’s a number of free bosses, many more items to be added to your server fun and play and even a few dungeons that have bosses so hard to defeat that you’ll need a team of ten very high  level players (with tons of great gear) to defeat them!

If you wish to add mobs that are more difficult to kill than the average Guardian.  If you wish to fight a dragon more powerful than the ender dragon.  Then this is certainly the plugin you will want to include on your minecraft server!  I highly recommend it, it’s regularly updated and known bugs are fixed quick by the programmer, who BTW also provides TOP Notch support via his discord server.

Give The Dungeons A Try!

If you want to give the dungeons a try, then The Land Of Zolth Survival Server has them all!  Join the server today at, and have a great time fighting some mighty powerful boss mobs!

These are the ten best spigot plugins that I enjoy the most as a minecraft player.  If you wish to chat with me about any of these cool plugins, please hit me up on my discord server.  You can join my discord server by clicking the discord banner below!

We can talk about the plugins, and if you wish to learn how to operate a minecraft server.  I can help provide you with some tips and information to help you get started!

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