The Best Way To Download Minecraft Mods For Free

Minecraft is an amazingly fun game but outside of the box it can get boring pretty easily if you let it.   You can download minecraft mods for free if you want to add more excitement to the game!

If you are just now discovering the many fun benefits of downloading and using minecraft mods, then let me share with you something truly exciting. There are several ways you can access mods, & many places you can download them for free.  There are so many ways that you can use mods concurrently with other mods that the options are totally limitless!

If you are seeking a truly FUN and exciting way to enjoy minecraft then mods and modpacks are certainly something you should try!

Modding Minecraft For More Fun & Exciting Adventures

The main problem with playing a modded version of minecraft, is that you almost have to be a proficient programmer to understand how to handle the many options available to players. There are spigot plugins, mods, modpacks, bukkit, paper, curseforge.  There are many strange words to know and learn that it can get somewhat confusing! Take it from me, I have 30 years programming experience and even I find it confusing sometimes!

Now I am going to share with you the fastest, easiest, best way to actually enjoy minecraft mods.  I am also going to explain how to download literally thousands of them for FREE! That’s right, I said for free! There are so many mods available for free that it gets quite exciting!

If you decide to use mods, then you have to first get them on your computer.  You will then need to download a “launcher” to launch them.  After this is done, you will need to ensure that your client (your computer) and the launcher work in harmony together.  Believe me, this is much harder than you can imagine.  I have tried and tested so many modpacks and launchers that it gives me headaches just thinking about it.

Use Twitch To Download Minecraft Mods For Free

The fastest, easiest, headache free and best solution I can share with you today, is to go the AMAZON way!

Amazon is a large company that I know you’ve heard of, but do you know all of the products that Amazon has? Well, Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers. It is 100% free, and owned by Amazon (so you know it can be trusted!). Now, you may not stream, but if you play minecraft, then you most certainly are a gamer!

And the twitch app, provides an area specially for “Mods” for games that gamers can enjoy, including mods for minecraft.

To get started, first you will need to download the twitch app. Click here to get it today!

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to create a twitch account.  Launch the app, and then click the Mods link (beside games) at the top of the app.

Use Twitch To Download Minecraft Mods For Free

Do a search for minecraft and click the minecraft banner.

You can download minecraft mods for free using the

Choose the “Browse Modpacks” option to view a list of all of the modpacks provided by the Twitch app.

Download these amazing minecraft mods for free

Enjoy The Many Minecraft Modpacks Available!

Now you can browse a fine selection of modpacks that provide so much fun and excitement, that you won’t even know where to begin!  Simply select a modpack, and let the twitch app download it. Sometimes this can take a moment, based on your internet connection.  Once it’s downloaded, you can launch it easily from within the twitch app.  What can be easier than that!?!

If you wish to play on a multi-player server, then I recommend you sort the modpacks by “Popularity”.  Those at the top of the list are easier to locate servers for.

If you wish to operate your own server, then click here for fast and easy instructions on how to do this.  

I highly recommend Apex minecraft hosting for your server needs, as they offer a server to match a very large number of those very modpacks found in the twitch app!  Apex minecraft hosting makes it so easy to setup a minecraft server that it’s as easy as “select, save, reboot and play!


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