The Most Epic Minecraft Underground Bunker Ever!

The Most Epic Minecraft Underground Bunker Ever!

I have started streaming my latest Minecraft adventure.  The challenge is to build a massive minecraft underground bunker.  The end goal is to add all sorts of awesome features and builds in this massive bunker.

There will be farms a-plenty!!  From auto-farms to every animal in-game being raised in a massive underground field.

I hope that you join me on this great adventure, there are a lot of exciting things planned for viewers!

I will be sharing my world map once the bunker has progressed to the stage where sharing would be beneficial for viewers.  In the meantime, I am in search of a prime location in which to build this magnificent Minecraft underground Bunker!

You can join me on this adventure if you wish, simply click here to view my Twitch Page.  Follow me, and then click here to contact me to let me know you’d like to have access to the server.  You can also contact me via the Minecraft Servery discord page, the invite link is: 

I allow only a certain number of people on the Bunker server, so it’s a first come first server if you’d wish to play / build on it.  Those who regularly view my stream on Twitch of course get priority.

If you do not use Twitch then you can watch my stream in the Twitch window below.    I strive to stream every day, my schedule is posted on my Twitch page.

Twitch Window

As I complete each days stream, I will add them to my journal below.  Be sure to check back often, as I do add new entries regularly!  I hope that you enjoy joining me on this adventure, the bunker is TRULY going to be EPIC!

The Most Epic Minecraft Underground Bunker Ever

Day 1 ~ Horrible Tragedy At the End!

Day one begins with me gathering items, cooking a bit of food & mining for coal.  I also begin my journey across country to begin my search for a fabulous location for the bunker.

From being startled by a creeper to encountering some lovely villagers, to plummeting to my death when I made a nose dive off a rather high cliff.  I was aiming for the water with my nosedive, but alas, I landed on the bank instead with a horrible SPLAT!

This was a horrible way to end Day 1, but alas, another day shall begin!

Day 2 ~ I begin my journey again after experiencing the horrifying nosedive from the cliff!

After suffering from a tragic death, I begin my quest again. Upon death I lost all of the items I had gathered and made. Therefore I had to begin again from scratch starting at the spawn. This episode shows my efforts as I continue looking for the best location to build the bunker at!

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