Some Of The Best Sky Factory 4 Servers

Some Of The Best Sky Factory 4 Servers

When looking for the best sky factory 4 servers do you find it difficult locating a server that fits your needs? The complexity of wading through many server options, only to find something that hinders your play (confusing spawn, terrible lag, horrible downtime), can be quite frustrating.

I share with you some of the best sky factory 4 servers here, so that you can simply load the modpack and PLAY!

I hope you enjoy this list, and hey!!!! If you want someone to play with you, hit me up on discord (banner below) and maybe we can schedule a play date!

Easy To Install Spigot Server Setup For An Epic Minecraft Adventure!

The servers listed below, provide the most challenging island that one can spawn on when playing Sky Factory 4.


As you can see, there is not much to help a player get started!   There are a few leaves, a few blocks of wood, and ONE SINGLE block of dirt!  Considering that this game is played in survival mode, one can be left with a baffling WHAT DO I DO NEXT when they first start playing this fabulously epic game!

Talk about a minecraft challenge of the most EPIC proportions!

You stand on top of the tree, and try to gather resources without falling off.  In the meantime, you realize that it’s going to be very difficult building anything with such limited resources.   What is a player to do?

Well, for one thing, a player is given an advancement book with goals to achieve.  It has a series of all sorts of challenging things to do, in order to complete the required advancements.   When you open your advancement book, you will see the little green froggy fellow at the top of the first page of the book.

This is where you begin your adventure!


The first quest explains how to speed up tree growth, and also explains what you will need to collect.

In order to collect the required wood you will need more wood than the default tree gives, as it only gives 6 oak logs!  In order to progress, you obviously will need to grow more trees on that single block of dirt.  Now, before you go chopping down to gather the wood you already have, you should remember that you will also need saplings in order to grow more wood.


The next 2 quests to the right of the froggy fellow, are for creating a crafting slab / table and a crook (to increase sapling drop rate).

So basically, if you break the leaves you are standing on when you first spawn to your tree, then punch a single block of wood, then you’ll have enough wood to craft into the crafting table.  If you punch another block of wood, then you can craft the Crook.  You can then use the crook to break leaves on the inside of the tree.  If any saplings drop, they will hopefully go into your inventory and not fall into blither nothingness.


This is the basic way to start playing Sky factory 4, there are many items that can be crafted in game, where you can take the resources from that single tree and block of dirt, and build them up into resources that can be used to build one of the most epic kingdoms around!

Isn’t This Game Absolutely Fabulous!?!

That is the brillance of Sky factory 4!  The default Minecraft game generates the world for you, but with Sky Factory 4, YOU GENERATE the world from almost nothing, into a SENSATIONAL SOMETHING!

The servers listed below start you on the default world of a single tree on a single block of dirt.  If you are truly looking for a great minecraft challenge, and would love to enjoy this challenge with your friends, then try out one of the servers below!  Play, invite your friends, and build a magnificent team of builders that have one goal in common, to create a truly EPIC kingdom of the most magnificent proportions!


Server Address:

The Kreagle server provides a relaxed atmosphere with a very simple spawn.  To begin, all a player must do is step on the provided pressure plate.  The server will then generate a new island specifically for that player, and transport the player to their new island.

The Kreagle server uses the custom default Sky Factory 4 island that consists of a single block of dirt, and a dirt tree.  This provides a very challenging experience, especially for players who are completely new to playing sky factory 4!

If you are looking for a server with a very relaxed atmosphere, then you will enjoy Kreagle.    Kreagle does not offer several servers to select from, as some Sky Factory 4 servers do.  There are no extra modpacks, no extra bells and whistles, just a single game to choose from, to prevent lag and encourage building simply to provide a great Sky Factory 4 experience without all the fuss and muss.



Server Address:

Hydrox is another sky factory 4 server that keeps things simple.  The spawn is elegant and attractive, yet it also provides the bare basics for the most challenging fun!  Once you create your island, then you’ll be teleported to a single dirt tree on a single block of dirt.  This server is also very relaxing to play on, and provides the simplicity that one sometimes desires when playing on a minecraft server.


Mine Wonderland

Server Address:

Mine Wonderland is another fantastic server that focuses exclusively on Sky Factory 4.   The spawn is elegant and larger than previous mentioned servers, but again, this server is simplistic , relaxing and fun to play on!

And don’t forget to hit me up on my Discord server (banner below), maybe we can set that play date!


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