Custom Minecraft Weapons With Slimefun 4 Plugin

If you are looking for a Custom Minecraft Weapons plugin, then you should definitely consider adding Slimefun 4 to your minecraft server!  It provides many fun features that will add a lot of cool weapons, food and armor that will definitely provide massive fun for players on your server.

To access the recipe for crafting each item, simply open your Slimefun guide, select “Weapons”, then click the weapon you desire to craft.  It will display the proper recipe for crafting the custom weapon.

Each of these weapons can also be enchanted for more power, durability and damage.

List of Slimefun 4 Custom Minecraft Weapons:

Table of Contents

Grandmas Walking Stick

Grandmas walking stick does not do much damage but it packs a wallop when you bop a mob upside the head with it.  It’s a great beginner’s weapon that one can use to keep Zombies away as you run for cover, but it will not prove to be of much use against spiders or skeletons.


Grandpas Walking Stick

Grandpas walking stick is a bit more powerful than Grandmas, it does more than packs a wallop, it has twice as much power to pack a powerful punch.  It is a great weapon for beginner’s, and it is a handy dandy weapon to keep the spiders at bay.

Sword of Beheading

The sword of beheading is a mighty sword and ideal for those who want trophies to show the mighty mobs and bandits that have been defeated.

Blade of Vampires

Nothign beats health restoration when in battle, and the Blade of Vampires is a mighty weapon to help heal as you fight!  This is a great weapon to use for PVP, your opponents will never be able to understand how you can survive for so long in battle!

Seismic Axe

The seismic axe deals earth damage, but do not rely on it in battle.  Although the earthquake it creates is wonderful to behold, it does not deal much damage!

Soulbound Sword

This sword will bind itself to the player that owns it.  No other player will be able to use this sword.

Soulbound Trident

The soulbound trident is also a weapon that will bound to the player that owns it.  Again, not other player will be able to use this weapon.

Soulbound Bow

There is also the soulbound bow.  All three of the soulbound weapons are all basics weapons where each binds itself to the player that holds it.  They can not be exchanged, traded or sold.

Explosive Bow

The explosive bow makes a mighty mighty weapon when enchanted with other powers.  It sends an enemy flying through the air, which not only deals damage but also provides a means for a quick evade when surrounded by ones enemies.

Icy Bow

As with the explosive bow, the icy bow provides added defense by freezing the enemy for 2 seconds, which makes for an outstanding tactical defense,







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